Company: Ya Tro M.D. Urgent Care

Location: 20190 Allen Road, Woodhaven, MI 48183

What type of job? Part-time

Salary: $105 per hour

How many hires for this position? 2

How urgently need to hire? Immediately

Describe the responsibilities of this job, required work experience, skills or education.

We are seeking to hire a physician to provide urgent and non-urgent health care for individuals in our urgent and primary care facilities. As such you will be expected to assess and treat a range of conditions that occur in everyday life. These conditions include anything from sinus and respiratory infections to broken bones. You must be prepared to take a patient’s medical history, update charts and patient information to show current findings and treatments, order tests for nurses or other healthcare staff to perform, review test results to identify any abnormal findings, recommend and design a plan of treatment, address concerns or answer questions that patients have about their health, and help patients take care of their health by discussion topics such as proper nutrition and hygiene. In addition, there may be a need to treat injuries, diseases, and minor allergies.  Our expectation is that you will maintain a high standard of medical practice and participate in the training development of the medical team as well. Must have a history of excellent interpersonal skills and empathy towards patients and must be able to relate to culturally diverse patients and the community. You must be able to deliver compassionate support, attention, and assistance to patients and families and ensure compliance with all health care regulation, including HIPAA and OSHA.

You must be a graduate from an accredited school of medicine, and currently licensed to practice in the State of Michigan. You will need a thorough knowledge of the principles and practices of medicine commensurate with your training. Board eligibility and certification of Family Medicine are a plus. Scheduling flexibility is also required to be able to rotate hours and shifts, if needed, and to be called during emergency situations to provide coverage.

How do you want to receive information? Email

What email address?

Do you want applicants to submit a resume? Yes