CDL Bus Driver

Company: Ya Tro M.D. Urgent Care

Location: 20190 Allen Road, Woodhaven, MI 48183

What type of job? Part-time

Salary: $15 per hour

How many hires for this position? 4

How urgently need to hire? Immediately

Describe the responsibilities of this job, required work experience, skills or education.

We are seeking a driver for our mobile MD bus. The driver will provide bus transportation services for the ANLAM Mobile MD staff to client locations ensuring transportation system and passenger safety. You will monitor equipment and perform limited maintenance. This position is primarily responsible for driving, operating and maintaining the company buses as assigned for guaranteeing safe travel and timely arrival in accordance with event schedules and assisting and supporting the clinical team in providing quality medical services to patients on-site. Additional responsibilities may include tasks or duties that are varied and diverse, but require intimate knowledge of vehicle equipment, systems and procedures. Tasks may be assigned in accordance with staffing needs at individual events and may include a combination of maintenance, administrative, marketing or clinical duties. Scheduling flexibility is also required to be able to rotate hours and shifts, if needed, and to be called during emergency situations to provide coverage.

You must hold a current Michigan Commercial Driver License.

How do you want to receive information? Email

What email address?

Do you want applicants to submit a resume? Yes